OmniVision offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to meet the varying needs of our employees. These benefits are an integral part of OmniVision's total compensation package and provide employees and their eligible family members valuable protection and financial options during employment with us. These benefits include:

  • Savings Plans
  • Health Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Income Protection
  • Time Off
  • Additional benefits

  • Savings Plan

    401(k) - Deferred Compensation Plan
    Participation in the plan is open to employees who have attained the age of 21. Employees may contribute up to 90% of their salaries on a tax-deferred basis, up to the annual IRS limit (combined for all 401(k) plans). Catch-up provisions apply for employees over age 50. In addition, the Company will make a discretionary contribution of 3% of employees' eligible compensation as long as the employees contribute at least 1% of their eligible compensation.

    Health Plans

    Health Care coverage is available on the first day of employment for employees who are scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week. Employees may also cover their eligible dependents.

    OmniVision provides its US employees with a choice of medical plans. Employees in other U.S. locations are eligible for Blue Cross PPO.

    Prescription Drug Program
    Prescription Drug benefits are automatically provided to employees and eligible dependents enrolled in an OmniVision Medical Plan.

    OmniVision's Dental plan is available for all eligible employees and their families. The maximum coverage is $2,000 per person each year. Orthodontia benefits are also available.

    Vision Insurance
    Vision Service Plan is available for all eligible employees and their families. Our plan provides eye exams and lenses every calendar year, frames every two calendar year.

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Health Care FSA
    Employees may use this account to be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket health expenses not covered by their health care plan. Employees may allocate up to $2,000 each year to this account regardless of participation in an OmniVision medical plan.

    Dependent Care FSA
    Employees may use this account to be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket expenses associated with caring for dependents while the employee or the employee's spouse work, including child care, elder care, care of an adult dependent who is incapable of self-care. Employees may allocate up to $5,000 each year to this account regardless of participation in an OmniVision medical plan.

    Income Protections

    The benefits below provide income protection for employees scheduled to work more than 30 hours per week:

    Basic Life Insurance
    This company-paid plan pays an employees' beneficiary two times his or her annual base salary in the event of death while employed at OmniVision.

    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
    This plan offers additional protection in addition to the Basic Life Insurance Coverage at no cost to the employee.

    Voluntary Life Insurance
    Employees may select any $10,000 increment up to $500,000 (but in no case more than 5 times annual salary) Voluntary Life Insurance. Employees may also elect Voluntary Spouse and/or Child Life if they participate in Voluntary Employee Life.

    Disability Insurance
    OmniVision provides both short term and long term disability insurance for employees through a combination of state-sponsored and fully-insured plans.

    Worker's Compensation Insurance
    Employees are automatically covered for injuries or illnesses that are work-related. The plan provides medical and hospital care and pays a portion of earnings during a period of disability.

    Time Off

    Vacation Time Off
    Regular, full-time employees accrue at a rate of 10 days per year up to five years of service, 15 days after five years, and 20 days after 10 years and beyond.

    Sick Time Off
    Employees are granted 10 days of paid sick leave each fiscal year.

    OmniVision provides 12 paid holidays per year.

    Additional Benefits

    Employee Assistance Program
    Employees are eligible for a confidential counseling service for themselves and family members covering family conflict, depression, stress, legal problems, financial problems, child care placement, subject to maximum number of visits per year.

    Pre-Paid Legal Services
    This plan, paid entirely by employees who select it, covers wills and other similar documents, motor vehicle, trial defense and IRS audit legal services at a discounted rate.

    Identity Theft Protection
    This plan, paid by employees who select it, covers employees and spouse, monitors their credit continuously and providing alerts of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

    Travel Assistance
    This plan, paid by OmniVision, provides medical, legal, financial and other travel assistance when you or a family member travel over 100 miles from home on a business trip for OmniVision.

    Profit Sharing/Bonus
    Employees are eligible to receive a profit sharing/bonus award on a quarterly basis, subject to company profitability and individual performance.

    Important Note
    This is only a brief summary of the benefit plans of the company. It is intended to be an overview only. If there is any ambiguity or conflict between this summary and the details contained in the legal plan documents, the plan documents are always the final authority. We reserve the right to change benefits and plans without prior notice.