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OmniVision is the world's leading supplier of CMOS imaging solutions to the security and surveillance market with 52.8 percent market share (according to TSR) and a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions specifically designed to serve the unique requirements of the security market.

At the forefront of innovation and industry expertise, OmniVision's rich portfolio of solutions provide today's security designers with the industry's broadest selection of sensors, evaluation kits, and development platforms, enabling faster time-to-market and substantially reduced system costs for both IP camera and CCTV applications.

The advanced signal processing capabilities featured in our latest OV7960 devices surpass the performance of both competing CMOS and CCD components, delivering the industry's best-in-class low light sensitivity of >12V/(lux-sec).

This superior performance of OmniVision solutions has influenced a shift in the security market as more and more manufacturers make the transition from CCDs to CMOS devices. Industry analysts agree - shipment of CMOS image sensors for security applications is expected to grow to reach approximately 34 million units by 2012, according to Techno Systems Research (TSR), a leading third-party analyst firm.

Security going CMOS (Source: TSR CCD/CMOS Report, Apr 2009)

Advantage of CMOS

CCD components, introduced over 30 years ago, were at one time the premier image capture technology, until the mid to late nineties when CMOS image sensors selectively gained acceptance. Since pioneering the CMOS imaging field in 1995, OmniVision has perfected the pixel architecture and process technology to surpass the performance and capabilities of CCD components. OmniVision's development work paid off and by the end of 2004, CMOS image sensors had officially surpassed CCDs as the overall image capture technology of choice and OmniVision is the world's leading supplier.

The rapid adoption of CMOS imaging technology is largely contributed to its inherent benefits - including higher integration and a lower overall bill-of-material cost as compared to CCDs. CMOS sensors also consume significantly less power than CCDs, a major advantage as electronics continue to shrink in profile. The CMOS production process also enables the integration of all camera functions on a single chip, significantly reducing chip count and board space. The relative simplicity of CMOS image sensors allows for quick and easy application designs, enabling faster time-to-market for manufacturers in a variety of end markets.

Low Light Sensitivity Leadership

OmniVision leads the industry in low light sensitivity. Our advanced image signal processing capabilities deliver vivid image capture in the most challenging lighting conditions, ideal for both indoor and outdoor security applications.

Designed specifically to meet the high-sensitivity demands of the security market, the OV7960 features the industry's best-in-class low light sensitivity of 12V/lux-sec.

Commitment to Quality

OmniVision conducts over 50 different tests on each and every one of its sensors to ensure they meet the highest quality standards of performance and reliability. The OVT design team has placed a strong emphasis on package and test engineering. OVT components are designed specifically to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments; resisting extreme temperatures, vibration and humidity.

* Source: TSR, CCD/CMOS Report, June 2009

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