Press Room
Welcome to the OmniVision virtual press room, designed specifically to serve members of the media and analyst communities. Feel free to browse through our recent press releases, press kits, videos, and fact sheets. Thank you for your interest in OmniVision Technologies. Our media contacts are immediately available should you require additional information or assistance.

Press Kits

OV9716: 1/3.8” 1.4MP for Automotive Imaging
OV9281-OV9282: 1MP OmniPixel3-GS™
OV12A10-OV12A1B: 12MP PureCel®Plus
OS05A10: 5MP PureCel®
OS08A10: 8MP PureCel®
20MP OV20880 & OV20880-4C
OV16885: 16MP for Mobile Devices
OV12895: 12-Megapixel PureCel®Plus-S
OV2735: 1/3-inch 1080p HD
OV2732: 1080p HD Security
OV10650: Wide Format Automotive Sensor
OV7261: Automotive VGA Global Shutter
OV2775: 2MP Automotive Sensor with Deep Well™ pixel
OV491 & OV495: Automotive Companion Chips
OVM6946: CameraCubeChip™
OV13855: 13MP PureCel®Plus
OV12890: 1.55 µm PureCel®Plus-S
OV9755: Big Pixel HD
OV9756: Second-Gen RGB-Ir
OV4686: Second-Gen RGB-Ir
OV13870: 13MP PureCel®Plus-S
OV2744: RGB-Ir PureCel®
OV16860: 16MP PureCel®Plus-S
5MP Selfies
OV10823: 4K Security
OV2718: Low-Light FHD
OV9733: Low Power HD
OV9732: Low Power HD
OV2281: PureCel® Security
OV8856: 8-Megapixel Selfies
OV13853: 13-Megapixel PDAF
OV6946: Ultra-Compact, Low Power
OV9734: Ultra-Compact 720p HD
OV9752: RGB-IR Security
OV16880: 1-Micron PureCel-S™
OV21840: 21.4-Megapixel PureCel-S™
OV23850: 23.8-Megapixel PureCel-S™
OV9750: Mainstream Security
OV10642: 1.3-Megapixel OmniHDR™
OV10625: OmniHDR™ for ADAS
OV16850: Flagship 16MP
OV13860: Industry-Leading 13MP Image Sensor
OVM6211: Computer Vision
OV7676: Low-Cost VGA Video
OV2740: Low-Power PureCel™
OV10640: New Flagship Automotive Sensor
OV5670: 5MP PureCel™ Sensor
OV10823: 10.5MP @ 30 fps
OV5658: 5MP HDR
OV6211: 3 µm OmniPixel3-GS™
OV9762: 1.87-micron OmniBSI-2™
OV10626: HDR & High-Sensitivity
OV2680/OV2685: Cost-effective 2MP
OV8858: Cost-effective 8MP
OV13850: Low Power 13MP
OV10822: 10.5MP @ 30 fps
OV4689: 4MP with HDR
OV10820: 10.5MP RGBC
OV8865: Low Power 8MP
OV9728 - 720p HD CameraChip
OV2724 - Front Facing Camera Solution
OV4688 - Native 16:9
OV5656 - 1080p/30
OVM7695 - Ultra Compact VGA
Best-in-Class - 8 MP
OV5645 - 1080p/30
OV480 Companion Processor
OmniBSI+ 5 MP
OV12830 - 12.7 MP @ 24
OVM7675 - VGA @ 30
OV2722 - Compact FHD
OV16825 - 16MP Mobile
OV16820 - 16MP @ 30 fps
OV9724 720p HD
8MP OmniBSI+
HD OV9713
Mobile 1.75 µm OmniBSI-2
Notebook 720p OmniBSI-2
Mobile OmniBSI-2 8MP
Tablet OmniBSI-2 5MP
Mobile - 3MP BSI
8 MP OmniBSI-2
DSC/DVC 10 MP 16:9 HD
Automotive OV10630
720p HD OV2659
Mobile OV2643
OmniBSI Native HD - OV9740
VGA @ 60 fps - OV7735
OV5640 - 5MP SoC Cam
OV2720 - World's Smallest HD Sensor
Mobile OV5647
OV9726 - HD Video in Portable Devices
OV14810 / OV14825 - DSC/DVC & Mobile
Security OV2715
True HD Video OV2710
Automotive OV7960
Security OV7960
OmniBSI 1.75 µm Family

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