In the digital imaging market the general trend towards miniaturization continues as consumer demand for smaller and more feature-rich portable devices emerge. To keep pace with the demand of a mature digital imaging market, OmniVision has expanded the core capabilities of its pixel, imaging and packaging technologies at an extraordinary rate.

Introducing OmniVision's CameraCubeChip

Traditionally, sensor and lens manufacturing have been separate endeavors with the sensor and lens as independent components when assembling a module. The precision limits associated with the manufacturing process directly influences cost and image quality. OmniVision has created a new solution to tackle the traditional module approach.

Leveraging its extensive know-how in CMOS imaging sensors (CIS), chip scale packaging (CSP), and wafer level optics (WLO), OmniVision has developed its unique CameraCubeChip™, which applies semiconductor stacking methodology to fabricate wafer level optical elements as layers of wafer structure. Using this innovative approach, the CameraCubeChip incorporates the optical wafer structures into the packaging of OmniVision’s CMOS image sensors in a single step. This approach results in fully integrated chip products, capable of achieving camera functionality on reflowable CMOS silicon chips with very small footprints and low profiles enabling customers to produce ultra thin, compact devices with advanced imaging capability.

Additional protection processes may be added to the singulated CameraCubeChip to increase its robustness from environmental interference such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electro static discharge (ESD).

Introducing the OVM7690 and OVM7692 VGA Devices


Because the CameraCubeChip delivers a complete imaging solution on a single integrated chip, mobile phone manufacturing is significantly streamlined. As with any other surface mount device, the reflowable CameraCubeChip can be directly soldered to the printed circuit board, with no socket or insertion required. Compatibility with reflow allows the devices to withstand temperatures up to 260° C. Both devices have achieved full conformance testing, including EMI, ESD, drop test, and reliability.

OVM7690 - The OVM7690 combines the full functionality of a single chip image sensor, embedded processor and wafer-level optics in one compact, small-profile package. Boasting the industry's smallest footprint and z-height (2.5 x 2.9 x 2.5 mm), the OVM7690 is ideal for today's ultra-slim applications such as mobile phones. The OVM7690 offers 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The OVM7690 also offers numerous image quality controls including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness (edge enhancement), lens correction, defective pixel, and noise canceling.

OVM7692 - The OVM7692 combines all of the functionality of the OVM7690 with the addition of 50/60 Hz detection and an integrated EMI solution in a small footprint package (2.8 x 3.2 x 2.5 mm).

Simplified Supply Chain

OmniVision's innovative wafer-level fabrication processes result in a simplified supply chain, which translates into significant benefits for customers. Both assembly and testing are completed at OmniVision and the devices are then shipped directly to the customers. Advantages from this streamlined supply chain include:

  • Time to Market - By having visibility into all aspects of the process, inefficiencies and contingencies are limited, thus reducing overall product development time.
  • Cost - A production chain involving fewer suppliers enables OmniVision to reduce costs.
  • Performance - Developing at wafer scale the optical layers in lock step with the sensor wafers delivers optimized products that provide the right performance versus cost tradeoff for key customers and markets.

Looking Ahead

OmniVision’s introduction of the CameraCubeChip opens up new opportunities for even greater innovations going forward. OmniVision continues to build on its success, and to invest in technologies to enable next-generation products in a variety of end markets. The ultra-small size and thermal tolerance characteristics (up to 260 °C) of the CameraCubeChip make the device well suited for the mobile phone market. OmniVision plans to explore future products designed specifically to serve these markets, and will seek further opportunities to leverage the advantages of its integrated chips in applications spanning across the image sensor arena.