OmniPixel3-HS™ is the latest and most advanced generation of OmniVision's family of front side illumination (FSI) OmniPixel architectures. OmniPixel3-HS is the result of systematically analyzing the performance of more than 100 different pixel designs over 100 different process variations, arriving at a proprietary image technology that doubles the sensitivity of the previous generation OmniPixel3 architecture to 960 millivolts per lux-second. The performance of the new 1.75 µm OmniPixel3-HS architecture significantly enhances image capture under very low lighting conditions, enabling a new generation of compact camera solutions for mobile handsets, notebook computers and other applications that require exceptional low-light performance without the need for flash. 



In common with the OmniPixel3 architecture, OmniPixel3-HS embraces the leading-edge design rules offered through OmniVision's proprietary 0.11-micron CMOS process. The new pixel cuts fundamental noise sources in half, increasing internal pixel gain and quantum efficiency to provide a sensor with truer-to-life color reproduction, superior low-light sensitivity and strong performance in all lighting conditions. Its symmetric pixel design eliminates color shading and, combined with a low stack height, delivers a sharp, clear and accurate color image across the entire image plane.